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Management Tools for the Business

  • Set up accounting systems that report business activity
  • Support your business accounting staff
  • Enables the owner to see results and make changes
  • Allow for planning for changes and growth
  • Reports the results for management, tax planning, and preparation


Income Tax Preparation & Planning

Who Do We Serve?

  • Individuals
  • Small Businesses: C-Corp, S-Corp, Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships
  • Trusts
  • Estates
  • Nonprofit Organizations


What Do We Provide?

  • We understand the client’s tax history using the previous year’s information to complete the current year’s tax return.  For each client, we include all income as required, but we will find all eligible expenses to reduce the taxable income.  
  • Norris Waalen, LLC goes one step further in providing an optional projection for the subsequent tax year to better give the client an idea of their future tax liability. 


How Do We Plan?

  • Our firm understands the client’s tax situation all year round and the tax implications that result.  In efforts to change the tax liability, we take the client’s information, and we advise the individual on what actions can be taken in the off-months to achieve a better end result. 


Other Services

  • QuickBooks Accounting
  • Financial and Retirement Planning
  • Pension and Profit-Sharing Plans
  • Personal Financial Statements


  • Estate and Trust Planning and Preparation
  • IRS Representation
  • Payroll Setup and Advising
  • Entity Selection