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Runestone Wealth Advisors, LLC is a fee-only based company with no commissions paid by you or for us, and we use 100% no-load mutual funds of stocks and bonds.  What does this mean? The result is no cost to buy and sell, and therefore, there is no cost to the client.  By utilizing this model of no commission, no-load funds, and discount broker fees for stock and bond transactions, the client receives better results.

Charles Schwab & Co. does not charge any fees to reside as our broker. Our objective, as with Charles Schwab & Co., is to keep client costs low which shows better returns to our investors.  Individual stocks and bonds can be bought at a discounted broker rate from Charles Schwab & Co. based on the asset size under our management.  Our fee to each client based on a tiered fee scale which means that we charge only on the client's asset size which we manage.  We welcome any discussions on client portfolios.