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Our Process

Steps to Success

Every client is specialized on a case by case basis.  However, we have found that the following outline serves as an efficient and useful guideline to our success.

  • Initial meeting via in-person appointment or conference call
    • Clarify client history
    • Discuss goals
    • Gather business financials
    • Update as needed and communicate results
  • Send client a tax organizer using our secure web portal
    • Client enters data in the tax organizer packet
    • Client submits necessary supplemental materials
  • Our firm contacts the client to set up a tax appointment with our CPA, Norris Waalen, for a phone meeting or in-person appointment
  • Client meeting takes place to discuss the tax return details
  • Client receives an invoice for our services when all is completed
  • Upon completion, we return supplemental documents and copies of each tax return to the client
  • We electronically file each tax return upon receipt of the signature authorization from the client