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Financial Planning

We offer a variety of ways to help client’s visualize and map out their own objectives of their finances. 

Risk Assessment- a questionnaire that guides a client to understand risk tolerance as well as the client’s willingness for a more volatile or less volatile portfolio to achieve desired results.

Comprehensive Planning- we use software programs that are sophisticated, yet easy-to-understand, that prioritizes a client’s wants, needs, and wishes.  We develop a plan to achieve those goals from the client's current standpoint and going forward throughout retirement.  Our firm specializes in demonstrating how to better manage money now and throughout life to make sure the client can maximize the most benefits.

One-on-One - Norris Waalen, President of Runestone Wealth Advisors, LLC, ensures time for each and every client to discuss their financial plans and portfolio via direct, in-person appointments or conference calls.  Our firm also issues newsletters and brochures to add helpful hints for finances and taxes.

Investment Development

Our firm strives to create a portfolio for each and every client that best suits their individual personality and desires.  To start, we understand the client’s risk assessment to determine goals and a financial timeline to develop an investment policy statement.  From there, we select a portfolio from several models tailored to each individual client.  Each model stresses diversification using a mix of mutual funds, individual stocks and bonds, ETFs, cash, and the money market. Diversification in the portfolio boosts profitability and security for the client.  We generate reports for our clients showing them results for the quarter, annual, or multiple years. Graphs, charts, and benchmarks are included.

Asset Management

Runestone Wealth Advisors, LLC uses Charles Schwab & Co. as the broker to ensure the best quality portfolio for each and every individual client. Due to Schwab's large platform of investments, we have access to a multitude of funds including ETFs and individual stocks.  We are not locked in to proprietary products.  We can choose from the best investments, lowest costs, and best managed.  The result is higher returns for our clients.  We tailor every client’s portfolio to lessen losses while still growing each account.  Our firm manages the investments, and we periodically rebalance the assets either on a quarterly basis or more frequently as we find necessary.